The Cobbler’s Children Were the Worst Shod

cover of a photography book

All proceeds (except p&p costs) go to UK heart research

You can either buy a signed copy of this 8 x 10″ 116pp high quality paperback for £10 plus postage via E-Bay, and the tenner will go to UK heart charity The British Heart Foundation; and / or you can donate a couple of quid (whatever you think reasonable) via my ‘Just Giving’ page and I’ll send you an e-book (pdf format, no covers) via your email address. Any e-book sale proceeds will likewise go to charity.

So please follow one of the links below, and as Bob Geldof once famously said: “Send yer feckin’ money in!

To just donate any amount if you have already received a signed paperback copy of the book and / OR to donate a small amount in exchange for a PDF version of the book – my GoFundMe page is here:

Once you have donated at Go Fund Me, come back to this website and send me a message via my contact form with your email address and I’ll WeTransfer or e-mail a PDF format copy to you. If you’ve already received a paper signed copy, you don’t need to let me know that you’ve donated.

To buy a new (or extra!) signed copy of the 116pp paperback glossy 8 x 10″ book on Ebay click here:

It’s £10 plus £3 P&P. The tenner less eBay fee will go straight to the British Heart Foundation.

About the book

After some 40 years as a professional photographer / journalist / copywriter and jack-of all trades, I have to confess that I’ve not avoided alcohol over all that time. In fact, I’ve been a fairly copious drinker. And then some.

Unfortunately, this means that after a recent heart problem diagnosis, I’m soon to have to cut right down on the electric lemonade. But, all those 40 years have been a lot of fun, so I thought I’d celebrate them and entertain people with some of the interesting anecdotes that photography has afforded me over those four decades. As I’ve no children, there’s really no proof that I even existed in the longer term, so I thought I’d produce a legacy publication. It’s called ‘The Cobbler’s Children Were the Worst Shod’.

Imagine Frank McCourt meets Johnnie Knoxville via Hunter S Thompson in this collection of bizarre stories of a life behind the lens.  Sometimes poignant, often funny and always thought-provoking, I have produced this publication to entertain its readers and also raise money for UK heart research.

If your favourite activity of an evening is making lavender bags with your maiden aunt, this publication probably isn’t for you. However, if you’re the sort of person who wakes up in your clothes in the early afternoon, pulls on a pair of shoes and goes straight back to the pub you poured out of 12 hours ago, it almost certainly is.

In any event, if it makes a few quid for heart research – it’s all in a good cause. And remember to enjoy alcohol responsibly.

Here’s a typical example of one of the stories in the book, each has a featured image.

To download an example PDF, click the image below.