What’s all this Frog malarkey?

Long before Tom Hill specialised in B2B and B2C copywriting for a variety of commercial clients, he started off in the Search Engine Optimisation business in about 2002, when it was relatively simple to create websites that would reach a page one position on Google for ‘local’ results.

Just to be clear, website creation and SEO is no longer an available service, Tom just provides words and pictures nowadays.

Anyway, back to the mercifully brief history:  Tom might have been approached by, say, a hairdresser in a small town like Derby in England, for a website outlining their services. Tom would then purchase a domain name, something like ‘derbyhairdresser.co.uk’ – which would almost certainly (in those days) appear on P1 of Google for the search term ‘Derby Hairdresser’ or similar.

Thus it was that the power of local internet search was leveraged, each business would be ‘a big frog’ in the small pond of their local area.  And there’s something strangely cute about frogs.

Anyway, enough yakety-yak already, you can browse through examples of work found in the RH sidebar (or if you’re viewing on a phone, scroll directly below). Please use the contact link should you need any frog services.