Who is The Big Frog?

The Big Frog is none other than the devilishly handsome and multi-talented Thomas (Tom) Hill.

Tom specialises in writing inspirational B2B & B2C documentation and copy for any enterprise – more lately deep-tech startups and similar organisations.

Currently, The Frog’s regular clients are based variously in Austin TX, Limassol – Cyprus and several in the UK. For the last five years or so, The Frog has been working with global-scale disruptive technology projects involving Artificial Intelligence, Decentralised Ledgers, business intelligence from Big Data and other similar activities. The Frog is as comfortable providing a press release for a tech-centric news outlet as providing micro-copy for a phone app or researching and authoring a Yellow Paper for a deep-tech startup.

Contact The Frog here if you have any queries, or for rates etc…