Voodoo Room at Mac Arts Galashiels

This Hendrix / Clapton / Cream covers band produce excellent renditions of the finest tracks in the genre.

‘Scuse me, while I kiss the sky!


Fleetwood Bac, Galashiels, Scotland

Fleetwood Bac are an excellent Fleetwood Mac tribute band, playing all across the UK. They sell out some serious venues so having them come to the small town of Galashiels was a pleasure.


Terry Christian

I knew Terry, who has had a varied career as a broadcaster on TV and radio since the 1980’s, via a friend-of-a-friend.

© Derwent Living – kindly allowed to be featured here

He was happy to pose for a feature in Derwent Living Magazine about his early connections with Radio Derby.

The Soffos Group of Companies

Soffos Inc and Soffos Labs are based respectively in Austin, TX, USA and Limassol Cyprus.

I have worked with both companies since their inception in 2016 and 2018, providing everything from investor decks to competitive analyses via marketing emails, whitepapers, newsletters and blogs.  Both Soffos companies specialise in harnessing artificial intelligence in order to make the best use of Natural Language Processing to produce a variety of solutions for their clients, from next-gen chatbots using advanced computational linguistics, to providing corporate search within closed-world knowledge silos to assist in the learning and development of employees.

If it has a public face, and it’s related to any Soffos entity, I almost certainly wrote it.









Big Frog provided all the content for this AI / deep tech company website in July 2022:



The Prospex B2B platform is all about lead generation and sales automation by matching companies with their ideal customers (whom they may not know even exist) by analysing Big Data to produce a ‘perfect customer DNA’.

The Big Frog was involved with this organisation when it was a start up and produced lots of marketing email copy, business media posts, web content and more.

They now have their own marketing department, so, sadly, have no further need for The Frog.