The Soffos Group of Companies

Soffos Inc and Soffos Labs are based respectively in Austin, TX, USA and Limassol Cyprus.

I have worked with both companies since their inception in 2016 and 2018, providing everything from investor decks to competitive analyses via marketing emails, whitepapers, newsletters and blogs.  Both Soffos companies specialise in harnessing artificial intelligence in order to make the best use of Natural Language Processing to produce a variety of solutions for their clients, from next-gen chatbots using advanced computational linguistics, to providing corporate search within closed-world knowledge silos to assist in the learning and development of employees.

If it has a public face, and it’s related to any Soffos entity, I almost certainly wrote it.









The Prospex B2B platform is all about lead generation and sales automation by matching companies with their ideal customers (whom they may not know even exist) by analysing Big Data to produce a ‘perfect customer DNA’.

The Big Frog was involved with this organisation when it was a start up and produced lots of marketing email copy, business media posts, web content and more.

They now have their own marketing department, so, sadly, have no further need for The Frog.

Norcon Computers

Norcon, another long-standing client, have been supplying EPoS software across the UK for around 30+ years. The Big Frog had been working with Norcon to produce and keep up to date their user manuals for various software packages.

Such things are now old hat and ‘they have an app’ for that, but for many years The Frog was the Norcon ‘help’ author, and would also even nip out in his van across the country if a machine needed to be swapped over a weekend.

Norcon are another long standing client with a great core team of people.

Marston’s Breweries

The world famous Marston’s Breweries approached the Big Frog to produce this photograph of the last cooper to retire in Burton On Trent.


Payment was made in beer (and the retail value even declared to HMRC!)


The i-Movo platform exists to provide secure payments over end users’ mobile devices, such as retail offers or receiving funds from third parties in a way which is easily redeemable, traceable and highly secure.

The Big Frog was involved with the company during its early years, carrying out research, field-testing and providing press releases and some graphic design work.

Emerald Zebra

Emerald Zebra is a forward-looking, successful and highly efficient recruitment consultancy in Cyprus, specialising in FinTech and InfoTech jobs across the island, in Nicosia and Limassol.


The Big Frog was involved in the initial  branding of the company, especially in terms of logo design. Much of EZ’s web content still remains after I supplied the copy, and The Frog still helps out with blogs, job adverts and marketing emails etc.


The Dinabite app is a restaurant marketing portal designed to attract diners by push notifications to an app in real time, but also as a one-stop marketing automation system for food service operators, aggregating all the best marketing tools in a single, easy to use platform.

The Big Frog worked on Dinabite’s B2B and B2C marketing campaigns for a couple of years in their early days, using Mailchimp et al to contact restaurateurs and social media for stirring interest from the general public.

Derwent Living

I was employed in a full time capacity for about a year back in 2014, when I was principle photographer and sub-editor of their ‘Derwent Life’ magazine.

See the ‘Photography’ category for more work that I produced for them (all images Copyright Derwent Living) – but here is a typical portrait for the front cover.  I would also write a centre-spread feature inside the magazine.


AutoM8 Tech

This organisation is using Artificial Intelligence to reduce accidents in vehicles with a variety of in-cab alerts and analysis of driver activity.

The Big Frog carried out some initial market research and also wrote the copy for an earlier version of this website – drawing upon his previous life as a commercial HGV driver, he was able to supply this excellent, forward looking company with some insights at the beginning of their start-up journey.

The Yellow Paper to outline the technology in layperson’s language was quite a challenge…


Ask AMA is an organisation producing next-generation Conversational Agents, activated by a QR code or web page, that effectively pre-sell products and services to potential customers, whilst obtaining opted-in permissions marketing contact details.

The Big Frog wrote the website copy and has worked with the company since its inception, producing marketing emails, LinkedIn posts etc…