Levis / Pentax Competition

This image, pre-photoshop once again, was hand coloured (with diluted Parker ink!) from a 16″ square fibre based print (on Agfa Record Rapid paper, hence the ‘warmth’ of the whites).

The original capture was on Ilford Pan F via a Hasselblad 500cm. As the rules stated that the image had to be taken on a Pentax, I also took a Pentax 6 x 7 camera to the shoot and exposed one roll, but the (cropped) image that won the prize was from a ‘Blad.

Note that the negative was printed through a glass carrier in the enlarger, which gives the ‘rustic’ full frame film-edges.

The Model, Lena, was a photography student at Derby University at the time; the image won the photographer a Pentax camera and the model a pair of Levis jeans and a Denim Jacket!

Fuji Professional Portrait Awards

This image won the ‘digital’ category of the Fuji professional portrait awards in about 1997, when Photoshop was still in its infancy.

To create the tableau, I obtained a sheet of plasterboard and cut an aperture in it with a jigsaw, then fixed that picture frame around the hole with a couple of screws. The young woman was an administrator in the office at Derby University, where I was working at the time. I asked her to stick her head through the frame, photographed her in colour on a Pentax 6 x 7 rollfilm camera and produced a colour print.

I scanned the print, then using Photoshop, dropped in a snow-scene background, desaturated everything within the wooden frame, but blended the colour outside the frame so that it appeared the woman was reaching out from a black and white photo. It would take 20 minutes now, back then it was about a day’s work.

British Journal of Photography Feature

This image was taken by The Frog in 1999 as part of a series of portraits of people who had attended his infant’s school, back in 1968. The colour is deliberately ‘cold’ and was scanned from a 16″ square EP2 paper  exhibition print.

This particular image was featured as a full page in the British Journal of Photography as a feature on the Photography Masters Degree course that The Frog was attending at the time.

Land Rovers

The Big Frog is something of a Land Rover enthusiast and got carried away with Photoshop one day!

Here is an interesting shot of my Defender 90 in the snow off-roading around a quarry in North Wales.

Wedding Portrait

A friend asked me to photograph his wedding in about 2010, so I obliged.

I would add that I don’t usually photograph weddings, this was a favour, so please don’t ask! 🙂


Dental Nurse

This lady was a dental nurse at a practice in Derby.

I took the picture as a series of portraits of the staff at the practice, which has since been taken over.

Woman’s Weekly

Here is a photograph of my ex partner as featured in Woman’s Weekly as a feature about house sitting.

I took this photo in the garden of a villa in Valbonne whilst Lin and me were looking after the cute dog Frasier.

Judith Hann

© Derwent Living – kindly allowed to be featured here

Judith Hann used to present a programme on the BBC called ‘Tomorrow’s World’ from 1974 and early 1994. I knew her because her brother taught me maths at school, and she invited me to her Oxfordshire home to take photographs of her pursuing her love of cooking with herbs from her own garden. Whilst I was working at Derwent Living I took some portraits for a feature on her Derby connections.

Dad’s Army

© Derwent Living – kindly allowed to be featured here

When working at Derwent Living, some of my colleagues and customers dressed up in Dad’s Army Home Guard uniforms to symbolise the ‘fight’ for the ‘Homes for Britain’ building campaign. We shot the images at Crich Tramway museum, Derbyshire.

Derby Velodrome

© Derwent Living – kindly allowed to be featured here

A photograph taken whilst working at Derwent Living of the newly opened Derby Velodrome cycle track